How it happened.


I Peter S Vinal was going thru my Mom's Attic getting her house ready to sell. She was very sick. While in the attic I ran 

accross a box. In the box there were these big water color painted pages and some big pages with writing on them. It was a story of a 

woodchuck and a terrier that forged a friendship over a 3 month period while some people rented home for summer. So when the vacationers decided to go back home after their vacation was done, the woodchuck sat at the end of the driveway waiting 3 days for his friend to return..

A beautiful little true story. All excited to do this for Mom.

So I digitized it, re illustrated it, reformatted it and published it and gave it to my mom before she died and she cried. It was the first time I ever saw her cry. I promised her I would get it out for all the kids to read everywhere.

Found childrens

book in Attic after

       40 yrs

Book Signing for 

6 yr old - Pierce

Chewy The Woodchuck